Group Fitness Studio Classes

Metro Fitness Studios offer the most comprehensive line up of dynamic group fitness classes around so there’s always something new to try. Try one or try them all. Try Metro Fitness out as our guest with a free pass. Click below.


Body Weight Boot Camp A great circuit class for all levels of fitness focusing on - core, legs, chest, shoulders, and posterior chain. Within each circuit, you will learn 4 exercises to train and strengthen each area, with emphasis on proper form and execution.


Bootcamp Circuit of drills ranging from squat thrusts and jumping jacks to push ups, squats and sit ups. Appeals to people with busy schedules who need to pack a hard workout into a quick hour. Appropriate for intermediate to advanced levels.


BOSU Balance and Strength This classes uses the BOSU Balance Trainer in conjunction with hand weights and other modalities to improve balance, coordination, and strength.


FUNctional AOA  AOA stands for Active Older Adults. This class will focus on dynamic cardiovascular exercise, strength training, balance, flexibility and coordination. Class will provides a modified workout that will fit your exercise level!


HIIT Your Strength This is an express 30-minute class, combining high intensity intervals, with intervals of strength exercises - targeting the whole body.


Mat Pilates A total body workout to increase flexibility, agility, and mobility, form flatter abdominals and gain better posture while creating stronger, longer and leaner muscles of the entire body. This workout is great for all fitness levels.


Metro Muscle A non-impact weights-based exercise class that works every major muscle group in the body using weights, a bar and step. It strengthens, conditions and tones muscles, producing amazing results - fast. Appropriate for all fitness levels.


Pilates A total body workout for all fitness levels. You will be using stability balls and bands to: increase flexibility, agility and mobility, form flatter abdominals and better posture while creating stronger, longer and leaner muscles of the entire body and a greater mind − body awareness. 


Spinning A high energy stationary bike workout that will enhance your cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength. Guided by the instructor, participants will select personal intensity levels during the workout through body position and bike tension. Appropriate for all fitness levels.


Stretching A complete total body stretch class for all flexibility levels, where all muscle groups are lengthened, using a wide variety of stretches. 


STRIKE! Strike is a high intensity cardio class inspired by both Boxing and Kickboxing moves.


Tabata Burn This 30 minute classes uses Tabata -high intensity interval timing to train both anaerobic and aerobic conditioning.


TRX A total-body suspension training workout. You will improve strength, mobility, and stability with a variety of multi-joint exercises. Build a better core with this workout.


Yoga Stretch and energize with a sunrise Vinyasa Flow yoga workout. An emphasis on linking breath to movement, where poses are seamlessly woven together. Appropriate for all fitness levels.


YogaFit A unique blend of Hatha and Iyengar Yoga. Combining strength and endurance training while reducing stress. Appropriate for all fitness levels.


Yoga Pilates Fusion  A blend of Warrior poses and Core strengtheners, lots of back muscle and hamstring strengthening, and some cardio mixed in. Appropriate for all fitness levels. You will be challenged!


Zumba A fusion of hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves. The routines feature interval training sessions where fast and slow rhythms and resistance training combine to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat. A one of a kind fitness program appropriate for all fitness levels.








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