Pack Training

Get fit in a fun, high-energy, and mutually supportive pack!

Metro's functional fitness based workouts are designed for people of all ages and fitness levels. Bond with your small pack in our state-of-the-art, private studio to create a fitness team powerhouse that will push you to excel at achieving all of your fitness goals. You'll be more inspired and find yourself looking forward to the workouts instead of dreading them.


Starting October 5th, we will be offering our small group training sessions at our downtown club. Each session is limited to 8 participants. Reservations are required, please call to pre-register 315-426-8917. Now is the time to reactivate your accounts to ensure a spot in the classes!  

Ask about our $99/mo special: 

PACK Training, Group Fitness Classes, Fitness on Demand Kiosk, and Duel Club Access. 


  • Frank's Pack Classes: Tues/Friday 6:30a and Wed/Thurs 12p
  • Josh's Pack Classes: Mon 6:30a and 12p
  • Jake's Pack Classes: Wed 5:30p
  • Christian's Pack Classes: Tues 5:30p, Wed 6:30a, and Sat 9a (starting 10/10)


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