Sauna & Steam Room

Enjoy the Benefits of Dry or Steam Heat!

Always commited to enhancing your health and wellness experience -- and adding value to your time with Metro Fitness through amenities and technologies that address your "whole" wellness -- we are pleased and proud to offer a sauna and steamroom! To learn more or take a tour of our sauna and steamroom facilities, speak to your Metro trainer or customer service assistant.

Health benefits of utilizing a sauna or steam room

Utilizing a sauna or steam room can offer a wide range of health benefits*, including:

  1. Improved cardiovascular health and performance
  2. Assistance with recovering from intense exercise or workouts
  3. Relaxation of muscles
  4. Soothing of aches & pains in muscles and joints
  5. Helping the body process and flush toxins
  6. Relieving mental and physical stress
  7. Improving your sleep
  8. Fighting Illness
  9. Burning calories
  10. Cleansing and deep-cleaning the skin
  11. Improved respiratory and/or sinus health

* Before taking advantange of Metro's sauna and steam room amenities, you are advised to consult with your family healthcare provider to be sure their use is right for you.