Smart Tech

Unique technology to enhance and enrich your training


How well do you move? Find out with TRX MAPS!

Offered exclusively by Metro Fitness in CNY, this high-tech scanning system gives you a quick-but-accurate read on key aspects of your body’s motion and physical attributes – recommending exercises to help you improve where needed. TRX MAPS performs a complete body movement scan in under 30 seconds – checking for Mobility, Activation, Posture, and Symmetry. The resulting report, delivered by email and augmented by advice from your Metro trainer, suggests targeted and appropriate exercises that help you move better. Ask any Metro Fitness staff member about TRX MAPS for a demo!

Even better, you can track your progress

In addition to receiving your individual results and suggested exercises via email – you can download the TRX MAPS, app progress after each scan! Just go to your favorite app store, search for TRX MAPS, download the app, and follow the instructions for account set-up.