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About Frank Rey, NCSA Personal Trainer

Metro Fitness’ Frank Rey, NCSA Personal Trainer, has been competing and training competitors for over 20 years. He is a two-time ironman overall winner, and Mr. Syracuse overall winner, who has competed on a national level and trained numerous competitors secure their pro cards.

Success Stories from Frank's Training

Bradleigh Sabourin

"As the daughter of the owner of Metro Fitness Clubs, you would think that I would be more motivated and dedicated to working out. Unfortunately, that was not the case. I’ve always been athletic, but never truly knew what I was doing when it came to lifting weights and holding myself accountable for my personal goals. It wasn’t until I met a Pro Figure competitor who trains at the club, Chelsey Miller, that I really committed to changing my perspective of fitness. After congratulating Chelsey and admiring her progress one day, she said to me “You know, you could do this too.” After hearing her say that, I immediately committed to my first bodybuilding show in the bikini category.

Soon after this decision, I decided that working with Frank, the trainer at Metro Fitness who Chelsey had the most success with would keep me accountable for my decision to compete, and help boost my confidence. I’ve been training with Frank since May of 2017 and within that timespan, my body has transformed tremendously. I am stronger, more disciplined, and I feel the most confident I’ve ever felt in my life. In my first bikini competition, I won my class, the over all and earned my Pro card. I couldn’t of made these changes without the push and guidance I received from Frank. If you’re looking into competing, Frank is the man to go to. From the nutritional guidance, the intense and effective workouts, to the mental coaching that I received throughout my training, I would not recommend anyone else!"

OCB Eastern USA Bodybuilding Championship 2017
Open Bikini Overall Winner- Pro Card
Novice Bikini B – 1st Place
Open Bikini B – 1st Place
Novice Bikini Overall Champion

Kathleen Bennett

When someone in the gym suggested that I compete in a local bodybuilding competition, I thought it sounded like a great idea. But I knew nothing about the training and preparation needed to compete at a high level. I had a great upper body, but I had smooth legs from running. My trainer sent me to Frank Rey – both to help me build competition legs and to learn the ins and outs of competition. Legs are where the show is won or lost Frank told me from day 1 and my legs would hurt so bad I could barely walk.

Frank helped me every step of the way – from those dreaded leg days to posing sessions to developing my show routine to diet management and even with all the minute details such as tanning, oiling and all the other tricks of the trade. Frank pushed me to excel physically and mentally and his time, knowledge and dedication are the reason that I earned my pro-card in women’s bodybuilding in my first ever competition. I continued to work with Frank as I competed and placed in my first ever pro show, which allowed me to compete in the national championships.

OCB NYS Natural 2012
Bodybuilding Open – 1st Place – Pro Card
Bodybuilding Novice – 1st Place
Bodybuilding Masters – 1st Place

IFPA Gaspari Nutrition Cape Cod Classic 2013
Bodybuilding Open – 3rd Place

IFPA Yorton Cup Worlds 2013
Bodybuilding Open

Chelsey Miller

"NASM Personal Trainer started working with Frank about a year ago after I decided to compete in a bodybuilding competition. I was looking for someone to push me, give an objective opinion on my progress, and help hold me accountable. Frank has done all of that, and then some. His training sessions are some of the best workouts I’ve ever completed. Not only that, he provides individualized guidance for every aspect of competition prep, including weight & cardio routines, nutrition coaching right down to the moment I walk on stage, and posing.

My experience with Frank has been invaluable to me on my fitness journey and I can’t say enough good things about his expertise. I highly recommend him to anyone thinking about competing. He will get you there!"

OCB Physique Masters 2017
Division Class - 1st Place
Physique Open - 2nd Place
Overall Best Poser

OCB NYS Natural 2016
Figure Masters Overall Winner- Pro Card
Figure Open – 1st Place
Figure Novice – 2nd Place