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Turn your lunch hour into a fitness learning opportunity!

Metro Fitness is proud to offer a variety of low- or no-cost Lunch & Learn programs to individual and corporate clients. Ask any Metro representative about the content and focus of these programs – and when the program is scheduled!

Metro CorpFit Lunch and Learn Topics

How to Manage Stress (Kate Flannery)

A holistic approach to reducing and managing stress levels by incorporating exercise, nutrition, and self-awareness into daily routine.

Clean Eating (Cathy Fischer)

Learn about clean eating nutrition solutions that are easy to understand and sustainable that produce healthy weight loss and reduce your risk of disease and health related problems.

Resilience Training

A basic understanding of resilience provides a rationale for the skills that participants will learn. Self-awareness, self-regulation, optimism, mental agility, strength of character, and connection are all competencies that contribute to resilience. A combination of these competencies and skills taught will give them the knowledge to grow and thrive in the face of challenges and bounce back from adversity. We will build resilience competencies that enable mental toughness, optimal performance, strong leadership, and goal achievement.

Intro to Centered State Leadership (Shauna Teelin)

Join Google. Aetna, Intel, and the Huffingtom Post along with other sectors such as US Olympians, schools, Congress, and health care by integrating mindfulness moments into your day. Just 10 minutes a day has been seen to positively impact biometrics, creativity, and productivity.

Demystifying Popular Diets (Cathy Fischer)

Paleo, ketogenic, vegan, and gluten-free; these diets may be trending, but they come with their fair share of pros and cons. There is not a “healthiest diet in the world”. Every person should find an eating approach that suits them best. In this session, we will discuss what the various approaches to healthy eating are and how to integrate them into a sustainable lifestyle.

Breast Cancer Awareness (Cathy Fischer & Kate Flannery)

No matter who you are or where you live, breast cancer may touch your life. Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in the U.S. and around the world. In 2018, about 266,120 women will be diagnosed in the U.S. alone. Come hear Kate Flannery, Licensed Psychotherapist and Executive Director of Susan G. Komen Upstate NY Affiliate, discuss breast cancer awareness fact vs. myth and future advancements. Joining Kate is Cathy Fischer, Certified Health Coach and 13 year breast cancer survivor, who will discuss how sugar increases your risk factors for cancer and other disease.

Basics of the Shoulder Mobility and Health (Laura Kirkpatrick)

Laura, a licensed physical therapist, will discuss the basics of rotator cuff issues as it relates to posture, muscle imbalance, etc. Discussion will be followed by a practical segment where participants learn exercises to keep shoulder/rotator cuff healthy and flexible.

Nutrition for Injury Prevention (Laura Kirkpatrick)

Discuss the important role that nutrition plays in preventing injury and promote healing. I will discuss the 8 pillars of proper nutrition to prevent injury and promote healing with a particular focus on running injuries.

Maintaining a Healthy back and a Strong Core (Laura Kirkpatrick)

Learn about common disc related back injuries and how to minimize your risk of injury. Learn targeted strategies including practical stretching and strengthening exercises to avoid low back pain and strengthen your core.

Diabesity-"the plague of the 21st century" (Laura KirkPatrick)

What is it, Who is at risk and What can you do to prevent it?

Surviving the Holidays (Laura KirkPatrick)

Provide practical tips and strategies to manage stress and avoid weight gain to "survive" and enjoy the holidays.

From Gloom To Gratitude: 8 Skills To Cultivate Joy (Kate Flannary)

The lunch and learn teaches eight skills to help people cope with stress. Techniques include mindfulness and deep breathing, setting an attainable daily goal, keeping a gratitude journal and — yes, it works — performing small acts of kindness.

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